July Member of the Month

Russell Watkins Member of the Month

Working hard Russell, we’ve noticed 👏 What brought you to Gain Fitness? I really wanted practical fitness to be able to keep up with my two sons. I’d always had an eye on CrossFit and heard good things about you guys at Gain, I gave it a go and really love my hour a day with […]

June Member of the Month

Ashley Queen

What brought you to Gain Fitness? I got a bit bored and sick of going to the gym and doing the usual BRO sessions. Thought I’d give CrossFit a go and instantly fell in love with it. I have a friend who already went to Gain and introduced me to it. What do you enjoy […]

May Member of the Month

Carlton O'Hara GAIN Fitness Norwich

This Months Member of the Month is Carlton O’Hara (carlton.ohara_) 👏 What brought you to Gain Fitness? My mum actually dragged me along for the first time, I wasn’t really sure what it was about but I ended up loving it and have turned up almost everyday since. What do you enjoy the most about […]

Bring a buddy day

Bring a buddy day

This Saturday we have our ‘Bring a Buddy’ day where members can bring a friend along to class free of charge. We have MetCon Madness classes running at 10am & 11am followed by free BBQ, Beer & Coffee to celebrate our first year at GAIN 2.0

New Classes & Timetable Now Live!

Richard Watts CrossFit

Always striving to be the best functional fitness facility in the area is no easy task, but we find that by asking for member feedback as often as possible we’re able to provide the best possible service. Something that has come up a lot over the last few months is more ‘MetCon Madness’ & ‘Sweat’ […]

GAIN Fitness Open Update

JohnJames Weatherstone Crossfit

We’re two weeks into the CrossFit Open 2019 and so far it’s been a huge success. Coaches JJ & TJ have done a fantastic job of both organising and executing the open events each Friday evening. The support from our community has been incredible and we’re extremely excited about the next few weeks. We’ve got lots planned over […]

CrossFit Open 2019

CrossFit Open 2019

Members of GAIN! I have the privilege of organising the CrossFit Open for the gym this year. If you already know what the Open is, skip the next paragraph. Hello newbies! The CrossFit Open is the biggest worldwide competition of the year. For those able to go, it is the part of the selection process […]

CrossFit meets Yoga

Alex Howarth GAIN Mobility

Yoga is not for everyone for countless reasons. For some, it’s a lack of time, others a lack of desire or understanding of what yoga is. Some find it’s not a cost they can justify. Or if there is only x amount of hours in a week to workout, yoga is not how one of […]

Progression in Crossfit

Rachel Wilkinson

I think everyone would agree the Crossfit process isn’t always exactly plain sailing when it comes to progressing. It can become very frustrating. One week you are getting all the PBs and feeling like you are winning in the workouts, a few days later you can barely squat or do any of the weights or […]

The Run Up to Game Day: Your First CrossFit Competition

Crossfit Competition

It’s your first individual CrossFit competition. You’ve enjoyed a few in-house competitions, maybe entered a local scaled comp, but you haven’t yet felt confident enough to go all in. You’re wondering: am I ready? Is this going to hurt? Will it be fun? The answer to all of the above is yes. This is the […]