More Gains – Not just CrossFit & Barbell

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Gain Nutrition

Sam MacIntosh is a highly experienced Precision Nutrition certified coach and offers two main nutritional programmes within GAIN Nutrition along with consults. Her year-long health and fat loss programme, Transform, promotes incredible—yet sustainable—changes in your eating and lifestyle using Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach software. The Next Level programme offers precise macronutrient split to navigate your training for your sport with absolute precision.

Sam’s clients have lost over 100kg in the past five months and have competed at national and international levels across multiple sport disciplines.

Gain Nutrition

Gain Recovery

Rob Crowley is a BSc in Exercise Physiology and Doctor of Chiropractic. He gives his patients the tools and guidance necessary in order to feel better, move better, perform better, and live better.

Robert has experience treating footballers, rugby players, runners, triathletes, CrossFit athletes and many other athletes at the elite and professional level. He believes everyone should have the same access to musculoskeletal care as top-level athletes enjoy. After all, life is an athletic event.

GAIN Recovery

Gain Mobility

Mobility can be a hindrance to many clients, especially in CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting. Coach Alex Howarth passes her expertise to members in GAIN Mobility classes each week, practicing fitness yoga to improve range of motion and prevent future injuries.

Gain Gymnastics

GAIN Gymnastics breaks down the gymnastic movements that are used in CrossFit WODs, allowing you to work on gymnastic progressions outside the pressure of a high intensity workout. Gymnastics classes also focus on core strength which will help you in other athletic movements, especially weightlifting.

Gymnastic movements include handstand push ups, handstand walks, ring and bar muscle ups, as well as staple movements like pull ups.

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