Alex Howarth Yoga

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When you joined GAIN Fitness you make your health and fitness is a priority. Working hard in class can go a long way, but if certain movements cause your heart to sink because of the struggle to get into that position, it might be time to add a bit of mobility into your schedule.

The Alex Howarth yoga is programmed with CrossFit in mind. It will help you move with more ease, speed up your recovery and reduce your risk of injury.

Not keen, or don’t have the time to make classes, why not check out the Alex Howarth Yoga online platform and practice your yoga in your own time in your own space.

As a fellow CrossFitter at GAIN Fitness, Alex is keen to keep you moving and improving. If you think you’d like to add yoga into your weekly routine or even as something more random, you receive a discount off both the monthly membership rates and the class drop in fee. And the Wednesday 7pm Fitness Yoga session has 8 spaces available to GAIN Fitness members as part of your membership.