Ashley Whitehair

Ashley Whitehair
CrossFit Coach & Marketing

After completing his first Crossfit workout back in 2012 Ashley has been hooked on CrossFit and it’s methodologies ever since.

Ashley spent most of his youth flicking between different disciplines of martial arts and it was actually at a Muay Thai camp in Phuket, Thailand that he first discovered CrossFit. During his 3 week camp he ended up attending more CrossFit sessions than Muay Thai classes and when he returned to the UK he continued with this style of training.

After running a successful web design company for over a decade, Ashley decided he needed more challenges and coaching CrossFit perfectly provided that for him. He first started working at CrossFit GAIN (now more commonly known as GAIN Fitness) in 2016 as a part-time coach. Over the months and years his hours and client base increased taking over as his main profession and in 2018 he was appointed as the general manager of GAIN Fitness Norwich.

In January 2020 Ashley decided he wanted to pursue a new business idea called WEBWOD – a web design & marketing service specifically for CrossFit affiliates and functional fitness gyms. He still coaches for us on a part-time basis and also manages our website and online marketing.

Outside of the box, Ashley enjoys mountain biking and travelling the world.


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